Do you feel fatigued and out of balance. Blaming all the feelings on stress?… old age?… busy lifestyle?… children?… work?…weather?… etc. or have you after undergoing hundreds and hundreds of tests, seen tooo many doctors and been told that medically there is nothing wrong with you…but you STILL do not feel 100%?


These days, we live a hectic, fast-paced life. A vast array of technical appliances, incredibly fast means of transport and communication and any amount of fast processed foods make our everyday lives so much easier. The technology we have today could barely have been imagined 50 or 60 years ago. As much as we enjoy all this, more and more of us are paying a considerable price for it.

There are an endless number of factors or stresses that affect people’s health today; chemical additives and colors in our food and drinking water, environmental toxins, radiation and EMFs, heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals, alcohol and cigarettes, the use of medicines in livestock, genetic modification of food and the list goes on…and on….

At Three Doors Health clinic our practitioners are professional Naturopaths and Bio-resonance Therapists and now Colon Hydrotherpaist, which only aim is to support your body to release its own healing capacity to optimal health.

So if you are; tired of being told that it’s all in your head; uneasy with just taking supplements and “hoping for the best”; ready to take responsibility for your own health instead of just going to the doctor to “fix” you; open to a new approach that may give you better health?….. contact me on 0438 787 659 and experience a treatment that is; natural; painless; drug-free; non invasive; highly effective and cost effective.


After all…you are the author of your own health or disease


Some of the areas where people have found relieve:

Women’s health
PMS, pre & post -menopause, urinary tract infections, pre & post natal care
Men’s Health
Prostate enlargement, anxiety, stress management
Hormonal changes, emotional imbalances, acne, eating disorders
Sleeping problems, learning difficulties,
school sores, warts, gut issues
Mental health
Fatigue, stress, nervous tension, anxiety, depression
Digestive health
Indigestion, constipation, diarrhea,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky gut
Muscular/Skeletal health
Arthiritic pains, muscular pain and
cramps, fibromyalgia like symptoms
Skin health
Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, hives, allergies
Respiratory health
Allergy symptoms, asthmatic symptoms, sinusitis, bronchitis, hay fever
Weight Loss & Weight Management

Body Detox, Well-being

Lymes like diseases, Ross river fever, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Rematoid arthritic symptoms, EBVirus etc.