Three Doors Health Clinic was established in 2009 in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, Sunny Queensland. The clinic is currently located in beautiful Bellbowrie, close to the Moggil Ferry.

It consists of various treatment rooms and is home to a NaturopathNutritionistWestern Herbalist, Bio-Resonance Therapist, and a Colon Hydro-therapist.

Initial consultation

The initial consultation takes about 2 hours. The practitioner will go through your intake document and clarify any uncertainties. A QRMA  reading will then be taken to identify deficiencies and the overall state of your organs. The BICOM session will then follow.

While the machine is corresponding to your physiological status and detecting changes in physiological functions that are outside of normal awareness the clinician might perform other in-clinic tests  such as taking your blood pressure, looking at your iris( iridology),  do a zinc tally test, perform a urine analysis  as well as other physical examinations.

If a clear picture is identified, the practitioner will be able to, after the session, recommend a number of treatment session and prescribe supplements, herbs and minerals to support the body. You will most likely receive a homeopathic water and alcohol  solution to be taken during the day with a dropper for the next one to two weeks.

The average person respond best when receiving about 4 – 6 weekly sessions, 4 – 6 two weekly sessions and 3 – 4 monthly sessions depending on various factors such as compliance and the severity of the changes in physiological functions that are outside of normal awareness.

My room


Fees 2016

Initial Consultation

2 hours sessions

$ 210.00

Follow up Consultations

1 hour

$ 105.00



Colon-Hydrotherapy with Naturopathic consultation

1 hour


Children under 8 Initial treatment

2 hour


Children under 8 follow ups

½ hour


Colon Hydro-therapy with Naturopathic consultation x 3  3 x 1 hour sessions $285.00

Saving of $30.00

Colon Hydro-therapy with Naturopathic consultation x 10 10 x 1 hour sessions $945.00

Saving of $105.00

Herbal Medicine with consultation   100 ml = $19.00

200 ml = $39.00




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