Food is not just something that you consume to prevent hunger, starve cravings, or even treated as a social tool, it at the end becomes you!

When you make hundreds of millions of new cells in your body every day, the ingredients to make those cells must come from somewhere – and that somewhere is within your food. To have the best health for all of your cells, you need to provide the best ingredients to make, repair and maintain those cells.

This is why eating the right food is so important. Because everyone is different, our nutritional advice is personalised specifically for you and your lifestyle.

“Food as medicine” isn’t just about telling you which foods you should or should not eat, but uses food as a medicine to help treat all manner of health conditions, to reduce symptoms and restore health.

During  the initial consultation (90 min) our aim is to form a complete picture of your current health and  lifestyle including;

  • Complete medical information
  • Dietary intake and habits
  • Food intollerances, allergies, likes and dislikes
  • Lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress and environment
  • Obstacles and issues that may be preventing you from healthier food choices
  • Identify any nutrients that may be inadequate
  • Any other concerns or challenges you may have
  • Identify your future health goals


Second visit.  (60 min)

 This should take place 1-2 weeks following initial consultation.  At this consult you will be given

  • A comprehensive health analysis, including any likely nutrient deficiencies.
  • Dietary information, nutritional advice, menu planning and/or recipes specific to your situation and needs.
  • Tools to inform and empower you such as recommended websites or reading material.
  • Suggested ‘Practitioner Only’ nutritional supplementation (if warranted) to address nutritional deficiencies.
  • Personalised support, encouragement and commitment to your health goals

Follow up consultations. (60 min)

 Follow up consultations can be as often as you would like or need.

Here we

  • Monitor health and wellness progress
  • Identify obstacles that may be preventing positive outcomes
  • Monitoring of possible nutrient deficiency
  • Modifying of dietary changes, menu planning and relevant recipes
  • Addressing any health concerns that may have arisen
  • Continued education, support and encouragement

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