Herbal medicine is medicine that is derived from whole plants or parts of plants. This may be dried herbs or herbs that have been tinctured (steeped in alcohol for several weeks to draw out the chemical constituents), or herbs that have been powdered to make capsules or tablets. Herbs can also be infused into oils and distilled to extract the essential oils. All these forms are used in a Herbal medicine practice. Most Herbalists use dried herbs and herbal tinctures or tablets. Medicines are formulated and prepared by the Herbalist. The Herbalist also can make a syrup, cream, lotion or ointment for a wide variety of internal or topical applications.

Herbal Medicine can provide many health benefits such as:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Help you become healthier and less prone to illness
  • Slow down the progress of certain chronic diseases
  • Help you stay fit and well for longer


Herbal medicine has many advantages such as:

  • It facilitates body functions by nurturing and balancing the various organs
  • It doesn’t block functions to “normalise” physiological states
  • It is not alien to the body and side effect
  • It is nutritious as well as healing
  • The chemical constituents of herbal medicine are “recognised” by the body as most of them are abundant in nature and foods
  • Certain herbs have strong effects on certain systems, either calming or stimulating
  • It can be used together with allopathic medicines, which may be necessary in some conditions
  • It is non-polluting once excreted and will not harm the environment
  • In many instances it is scientifically validated by research
  • Progress can be clinically evaluated by blood tests, scans, endoscopy etc
  • The use of herbal medicine strengthens the immune system and does not cause antibiotic resistance
  • Remedies are individualised specially put together for each person
  • Above all herbal medicine is really green and planet friendly


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